Announcing….Gulf of Maine Pork Chops!

Announcing….Gulf of Maine Pork Chops!

Yeah, we’re just foolin’! Bet we really had you there. 

We don’t sell pork. We sell fish. The best fish, from the best harvesters, handled in the best possible way to ensure that our professional and home chef customers enjoy every bit of it. 

That’s something we take very seriously, because we want people to eat more fish. Sure, it’s good for business, but more importantly, it’s good for our collective health and the welfare of the planet. In fact, health experts are concerned that Americans don’t eat enough seafood, which is critical to cardiovascular and brain health.  And, seafood is also really earth friendly, requiring dramatically less water, feed, and greenhouse gas emissions than other animal protein. 

We are proud to buy and sell a product we – and our customers – can feel really good about. Which leads us to declare….

Fish: The better white meat.