Collars Up!

Collars Up!

It’s January in Maine, so of course it’s frosty, snowy, blustery….Every kind of “y” that makes us turn our collars up and tuck our heads as we struggle to avoid the chill. But as tempting as it is to complain about winter, we’re more interested in talking about…

Fish collars!!!

This week our very own Kelsey put his culinary skills to work and treated us to cod collars two ways: broiled and pan fried. And, wow! Were we surprised! He prepared them* with a sweet and spicy dry rub and a smoked paprika BBQ glaze and then cooked them on the bone, which helped retain moisture and flavor. The skin was slightly fatty and had a bit of a crisp to it (eat the skin!). Yes, Kelsey has skills, but we already knew that. That’s not what surprised us…

What was really surprising was how much meat was in those collars. It was like cutting pork off the bone, but much more tender and healthier. One collar could easily make a meal for one or an appetizer for two. And it’s fun to eat! 

Fish collars: Another fabulous way to use the whole fish. So the next time you’re out and hear the chef call out, “Collars up!” you know someone’s in for a treat. Hopefully it’s you!

*Chef’s notes: Be sure to pat the skin very dry with a paper towel first. Seasoning options are endless! Broil 6 minutes on either side (although cooking times will vary by size - these collars came from a 20 lb cod). Accompany with steamed jasmine rice, smashed fingerling potatoes, or any type of slaw.