Don’t Ask Us to Be Cheap

Don’t Ask Us to Be Cheap

We will never aspire to sell cheap fish. And for good reason. 

There is a lot of cheap fish on the market, and it comes at a big cost. We’ve seen decreasing prices to the boats in our region sinking commercial fishing businesses, and well-managed fish stocks remain grossly under-harvested because prices are too low to cover the costs of fishing.  

It costs a lot to run a commercial fishing boat. There’s the boat itself, the gear, fuel, crew, ice, maintenance, and more. There’s also the phenomenon of having to lease quota. Fishermen are allotted a certain number of pounds of fish they may harvest. If they don’t have enough allocation, they must lease it from another fisherman. This cost alone is often tens of thousands of dollars off the top every fisherman’s year. 

The fishermen we work with also have the added expense of extra ice for our product, and their careful handling means that they harvest fewer pounds than they otherwise would. So, it’s absolutely necessary that we pay them more.  Hence, our fish costs more. 

But it’s also worth more.  

For one thing, our fish is superior. Better handling means better taste, texture, and shelf life. It literally lasts longer. It’s like paying more for a good pair of winter boots - it’s worth it (trust us on this one…we live in Maine).

It’s also worth it to support a fishing industry that defines the very culture of our coastal communities. It’s worth it to harvest healthy protein that contributes to the local economy and food security. It’s worth it to know that the food was produced sustainably, within the limits of what Mother Ocean can naturally provide. 

So, while we will never aspire to sell the cheapest fish, we will always aspire to sell the most worthwhile.