Eight Friggin' Fish

Eight Friggin' Fish

Picture this: We’re waiting expectantly at home base to hear from Brendan (Brendan has been on a boat for the last 12 hours) about what exciting load of fish he’ll be bringing our way. We are ready to weigh, sort, sell, and show off the brilliant array Mother Ocean provided on this trip. The text comes through. They got 6,000 pounds of dogfish and eight fish. Eight. Friggin’. Fish. 

Dogfish are the bane of the commercial fisherman’s existence. They’re like the mafia - when you get mixed up with them, there’s no getting out. As a small shark, they prey on the more desirable fare and the market is poor for them. But when handled well, dogfish produce a beautiful white meat. For this reason, we aspire to raise awareness of this under-appreciated creature. However, we’ve got a long way to go before we can sell dogfish. So, Brendan came back with eight fish. 

And they were great. The best eight fish ever.  

This was disappointing for us, to say the least. But more importantly, this is what fishermen deal with every time they go on the water. They don’t know what they will run into, what they will catch, if their boat will break down, if the market will be flooded and that day’s price will be poor, if the weather will turn, and so much more. They depend on a lot of things going just right. And we depend on them. 

So, we offer what Mother Ocean and our harvesters collaboratively bring to us. It changes every week, but you can bet that what we get, we handle with the respect it deserves, in honor of the fish, the harvester, and the ocean.