Glamour Shots of Fish

Glamour Shots of Fish

Fish are beautiful. We’re captivated by them every day. We could gaze into their eyes for hours, studying the complexity, the color, the mystery of all they’ve seen in the ocean’s depths. Their scales shimmer in glorious colors and patterns that only nature could create. 

To share this beauty with the world, we worked with our friends at O’Maine Studios to do a photo shoot of our fish. And, the results are stunning (our favorite word). Check them out on our Shop Seafood page. 

It’s kind of comical, though, isn’t it? Glamour shots of fish? It plays right into our society’s need to show flawlessness. The Instagram era. We do it. We’re a part of the perfection-mongering culture. 

And we’re okay with that. While we want to keep it real, nobody wants to see photos of blood and guts. Arguably, a lot of people prefer not to gaze lovingly into the eyes of their dinner, either. And that’s one of the many reasons we’re thankful for our chef partners who feature our fish in Instagram-worthy plated dishes – artists who magically create a feast for the eyes and the palate. 

Still, the fish deserve their time in the spotlight. And, let’s face it - the seafood biz could use a little more glam.