Resolutions Solutions

Resolutions Solutions

New Year’s resolutions are the best. They’re a chance to actively and conscientiously form a new good habit (or get rid of an old bad one). 

But resolutions are also really hard to keep. So, we’d like to help! Whether you’ve resolved to lose weight, build muscle, improve your memory or your mood, learn some new recipes, buy more local food, or reduce your carbon footprint, seafood is your Resolution Solution. 

First, fish is really, really good for you. In fact, many health experts are deeply concerned that Americans are not getting enough seafood. The American Heart Association recommends eating it at least twice per week. Aside from it being a lean source of protein, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D - two very important ingredients for health.  

Benefits of eating seafood are improved heart health, reduced weight, and improved memory and mood. Seriously, seafood makes you happier! More happy? Yes, please!

Seafood is also the lowest carbon-producing animal protein, and even beats olive oil, coffee, chocolate, and cheese when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

True Fin seafood is particularly special, because it is 100% domestically sourced from Gulf of Maine fishermen. In the midst of over 90% of the seafood consumed in the United States imported from other countries, we make it easy to support local fishermen and coastal communities. 

Finally, with our library of recipes online, we also make it easy to expand your culinary comfort zone and discover just how easy seafood is to cook. 

So, if you find yourself stumbling over your New Year’s resolution, give yourself a break and get some True Fin seafood