Solving Problems. Together.

Solving Problems. Together.

We have a lot of problems. Most of them are the daily puzzles that need solving, like how to ship fish through a winter storm, how to get the best yields on fish, what to make for dinner (fish, of course, but which fish?), and the list goes on. Then, there are problems that are bigger and that aren’t so easily solved. 

Like COVID. COVID has caused some wicked big problems. 

Traditionally, an estimated 70% of seafood in the US is eaten outside the home, and demand for local fishermen’s catch has plummeted with restaurant and other closures. In December, for example, catch sold at the Portland auction was nearly half of what sold the year before, and the prices paid were about 20% lower. 

Meanwhile, massive layoffs and shuttered businesses have resulted in dramatically more food insecure people in the state. 

In the face of these daunting problems, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association saw an opportunity -   purchase local catch and donate it to local food banks through the Fishermen Feeding Mainers program. Their goal is to provide 5,000 lb of fish per week to those in need, providing high-quality protein while increasing demand for local catch. 

Here’s how YOU can help: 

  1. Donate to the Fishermen Feeding Mainers program. 
  2. Buy local seafood.