The Symphony and Seafood

The Symphony and Seafood

Oh! The symphony! A feast for the ears that is good for the soul. It is the music that stirs the body from the inside out, exuding euphoria and sometimes despair. It must be the most popular music on earth.

Yet just 3% of the population likes classical music. That’s a problem for an industry that relies on its fan base for support. If only they could get that number to 4%....

“Poppycock!” says Benjamin Zander, Director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and author of The Art of Possibility. “Everybody loves classical music — they just haven’t found out about it yet.”

We feel the same way about seafood.

Seafood is practically perfect. It’s good for the heart, brain, muscles, and mood. And, it has the lowest environmental impact of any animal protein. It’s easy and super fast to cook with endless preparation possibilities.

Yet just 1 in 10 Americans gets the recommended 2-3 servings of seafood per week, consuming just 16 pounds a year, while devouring over 100 pounds each of red meat and poultry per year. This is deeply concerning for our collective health and the environment. 

Mr. Zander – you are an inspiration. Everyone loves seafood, they just don’t know it yet! 

We’re determined to get seafood into homes across the country, introducing the finest quality suite of Gulf of Maine fish in the world and creating a healthier planet. 

Won’t you join us? Make a commitment to more seafood at home. And while you’re grilling, baking, pan frying, poaching, and broiling, consider cranking up some classical music. You’ll love it…even if you don’t know it yet.