We Deal with A Lot More Than Fish

We Deal with A Lot More Than Fish

So, yesterday we packed fish in the dark. Holding flashlights in one hand while picking and packing fish with the other. It was our first power outage. In addition to no lights, we had no heat, wifi, or means to print invoices. 

It was an experience! And, it’s just an example of one of the many things we deal with that has nothing to do with fish. 

We deal with the seagulls who glare at us defiantly while we try to park our cars or walk down the wharf. There was even a particularly brazen bird that stole Brendan’s coffee one morning. And they all crap on our cars. 

We dealt with critters who took up residence in the floor and walls and ceiling of our office within our first month there…scraping, crawling, and screeching animals that ended up being mink. Mink! They took off at the first sign of live traps and haven’t returned. 

We had a refrigeration system that would not defrost on its own. So, several times a day, we had to manually turn off and on the condenser, which was located on the roof. It’s been fixed. We dealt with it. 

So, we need a generator. We’ll deal with that too. It’s all part of the fun of what we do…dealing with things and figuring it all out….Whatever it takes in the name of the fish.