We're Freezing Here!

We're Freezing Here!

Even as winter slogs on here in Portland, Maine, we’re not ones to complain about the weather (who wants to hear it?). So, we’re talking about fish (of course!). 

We’re freezing fish. 

One might wonder why a seafood company known for superior quality fish would “denigrate” itself by freezing its product. The truth is, frozen fish has long been maligned as inferior to fresh. We’d like to change that. 

Here’s how….

We’re super fortunate to have a super sophisticated super freezing machine that brings our superior quality fish down to -60°C super fast. The method by which we freeze our fish ensures that the integrity of the quality is retained for perfect preservation. And, because our fillets and scallops are in a vacuum sealed pouch, we label them with the name of the harvester and vessel and the port of landing to ensure that their provenance remains intact. 

Here’s why….

Fishing is a fickle thing. One week, our boats are catching reams of fish and the next they’re practically skunked. The ability to take their catch when harvest is bountiful and freeze it for a later date serves the fishermen well. We can buy more, and we don’t have to depress prices by dumping fresh fish on the market as quickly as possible. 

It serves our customers well, too. Home cooks have more options and can purchase high quality local catch from us without the stress of having to cook it within a few days. Our chef customers have found that they don’t have to compromise on quality while also not worrying about having leftover fish if business is slower than expected. They just keep it snuggly in the freezer for a later date. 

Of course, freezing is just one part of the equation. For best results, it’s also important to thaw out fish properly in a cold environment (such as the refrigerator) slowly. In the same way that all good things take time, the thaw is not to be rushed. 

We guess that’s why the spring thaw is such a delight - it takes so much time to get here.