About Our Fish

We’re working to sustain the Gulf of Maine fishing industry by paying boats more for higher quality catch.

From the day we started doing business, we have worked with commercial fishermen who use specialized handling practices that accomplish superior quality product. Our goal is to increase the value of our region’s seafood industry and make quality Gulf of Maine seafood available to discerning customers nationwide.


How is our fish different?

All of our premium fish have been killed with purpose, bled, and cooled quickly in a saltwater slurry aboard the boats. These humane practices result in a chemically superior fish with extended shelf life.

Read more about purposeful killing techniques at the Ike Jime Federation


What Gulf of Maine fish do we offer?

We exclusively sell fish coming out of the Gulf of Maine. This includes groundfish like cod, pollock, hake, haddock, and cusk. We also sell monkfish, bluefin tuna, halibut, mackerel, squid, Dayboat scallops, and much more! Availability varies seasonally.


Why is frozen seafood so important?

Freezing is critical to the seafood industry. It allows us to buy our harvester partners’ whole trip when they bring it in and enables us to offer consistent availability despite seasonality and weather that impacts commercial fishing.

We super freeze our fish at -60°C for perfect preservation when they’re at their seasonal peak. Once thawed, it’s impossible to tell the difference from fresh.


How sustainable is our fish?

We buy directly from fishermen to provide top quality, fully traceable seafood that is good for our customers, the ocean and coastal communities. Traceability is non-negotiable to us, and we’ll tell you exactly which boat each and every fish is coming from, as well as how and when it was caught.

We’re working to create a market for the variety and abundance coming out of the Gulf of Maine by highlighting under-loved species like dogfish, monkfish, Acadian redfish, skate & more. We also work hard to eliminate waste by using the whole fish, offering a variety of unusual cuts, and more. Ask us about our Tuna Bento Box.

In recent years, total catch levels in the Gulf of Maine were below 20% of yearly allowable sustainable quotas. You can feel good when you eat Gulf of Maine fish.


Premium vs. Select Grades

You can’t kill a dead fish.

Not all fish come over the rail alive, and we want to sell more of our harvesters’ catch that cannot be killed yet is still handled with utmost care, including proper icing aboard the boats. This careful handling, combined with direct sourcing from them to us to you, results in catch that still rivals traditional markets. We give you the choice between these two grades of fish. “Premium” fish are killed with purpose, while “Select” fish reflect carefully handled top quality catch that could not be dispatched aboard the boat. By buying select grade fish, we are ensuring that fishermen are able to sell their whole catch.


What’s the catch?

Aside from our fish? None!

Don’t just take our word for it. Try our fish for yourself and see the True Fin difference!