Our greatest source of inspiration is the confederation of professional and home chefs that bring True Fin to the table. In the end, it is the precise handling, preparation, cooking and presentation of each Gulf of Maine species that fuels our reputation and keeps people coming back for more. Here are just a few of the professional chefs and restaurant owners we are proud to supply with True Fin seafood from the Gulf of Maine.

Chef, Evo Kitchen & Bar
Portland, ME

"I love having a source of high-quality, local fish. In addition to the pristine product, the mission of eating in harmony with the ocean and supporting the local fishing community is really important to me."

Chef/Owner, Regards

"I am constantly on the hunt for seafood that allows me to feature local and seasonal diversity on my menu. Gulf of Maine Sashimi provides me access to a phenomenal variety of quality fish that is wild, local, and sustainable. Their team is young and ambitious. I can’t wait to see how they grow."

Chef de Cuisine, Oxalis
Brooklyn, NY

"Their philosophy on sustainable practices are the same as ours - we want the best fish that are at the peak in that specific window of the season, with thought for the generations after us. The quality of their product is simply the best."

Chef, 1751 Sea and Bar
Houston, TX

"I'm truly stoked to have the opportunity to partner with Truefin. Their commitment to humane harvest and quality is second to none and their product makes our restaurant a better place to eat fish."