Copy of Our Fishermen

We at True Fin work with over 30 fishermen who take great pride in the quality and sustainability of their catch. We couldn't do what we do without their commitment and hard work. Meet some of the professional fishermen who sustain us all.

Vincent Balzano, F/V Northern Lights & F/V North Star

A 3rd generation fisherman from Portland, Maine, Vincent brings us many finfish species and scallops harvested from one of his two commercial fishing vessels. When not fishing, he serves on the New England Fishery Management Council, and is favorite and most important job is as a husband and a father of two sons. He most appreciates a nice day of fishing…the rare day when everything goes well, like the weather, catch, prices, and operations. Vincent’s favorite Gulf of Maine fish to eat is haddock.

Jim Ford, F/V Lisa Ann III

A first-generation fisherman, Jim started out on charter boats in grade schoo

l and high school then graduated to working on gillnet boats and then a day dragger. Since going out on his own, Jim has owned five different commercial vessels and contributed to multitude research studies. Even when not working, he’s still fishing for fun on the ice or freshwater. Jim catches all kinds of fish for us, like cod, monkfish, and flounder, and his favorite fish to eat is halibut.

Dana Hammond, F/V Nicole Leigh
It was either fishing or farming for Dana, who became a first-generation fisherman after growing up in Jefferson, Maine. He has now been fishing for 30 years and brings True Fin a wide variety of finfish species and scallops. Also a skilled carpenter, Dana most enjoys camping with his family, including his three kids and two grandkids. He loves being his own boss, and he participates in numerous marine research efforts. His favorite fish to catch and eat is halibut.
Dan Harriman, F/V Deja Vu II
Captain Dan is a 5th generation Maine fisherman who lives within a half mile of his immigrant forebearers who had been fishermen in Denmark. He started by lobstering when he was ten years old, and today brings us weir-caught mackerel, squid, and even bonito. In addition to commercial fishing, Dan does other work on the waterfront building moorings and offering crane services for the fleet. When he’s not working, he loves to travel and roam the country. His favorite part of fishing is the heritage. And, unlike most other business transactions, Dan says, when you show up with fish, everyone is happy. His favorite fish to eat is whiting, but his favorite to catch is mackerel.
Jamie Hayward, F/V Heidi Elisabeth
A gillnet fisherman out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Jamie followed in his father’s footsteps fishing for lobster at just 12 years old. By the time he was 33, he had his own commercial vessel. Jamie loves the environment of fishing and the element of surprise, never knowing what will turn up in the net, and he believes strongly in working with scientists to ensure long-term sustainability of the fishery. His favorite fish to catch are pollock and haddock, and he loves baked and fried flounder or haddock.
Joe Letourneau, F/V Lady Rebecca
After running his own mechanics garage and working a desk job, Joe discovered his passion for commercial fishing in 2015. Not one to stay still for long, Joe is a self-described workaholic. When not working on his boat or gear, he loves to go recreational fishing with his two sons. Joe has partnered with scientists to contribute to marine research from his vessel and voluntarily participates in electronic monitoring. While Joe catches everything from tuna to halibut to mackerel to haddock, his favorite fishing is jigging for large pollock, and he likes to eat all fish about the same.


Kristan Porter, F/V Brandon Jay

One of our favorite scallop harvesters, Kristan also catches lobster out of Cutler, Maine. He would be a 4th generation fisherman if his father didn’t get seasick, resulting in the occupation skipping a generation. His favorite part of being a fisherman is the independence. When not fishing, he serves as the President of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, sits on several fishery management advisory panels, and spends time with his family. Kristan’s favorite thing to catch is scallops, and his favorite seafood to eat is corned hake.