Our Team

The True Fin team knows fish. We go to sea to teach safe handling practices that preserve the integrity and quality of the catch. We collaborate with chefs on new ways to prepare the best meals. Using state of the art techniques and technology, True Fin is able to bring fish to chefs and home chefs faster than ever before. We are fishermen, scientists, and chefs with a unifying passion for seafood and the Gulf of Maine.

President & CEO

Jen believes that the best businesses are also good for people and the environment. She has dedicated her career to sustainable use of renewable resources, including working on issues related to hunting, trapping, and forestry. Most recently, Jen managed the Sustainable Seafood Program at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute where she developed a passion for the seafood industry in New England and uncovered the untapped potential for high-end seafood from this region. Jen hails from Wisconsin where she earned her B.S. in Wildlife Ecology, and she holds an MBA from the University of Southern Maine.

Head of Sourcing

Brendan is all about fish and fishermen. Since graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Health Management and Policy, he has wanted to work with the seafood industry. Brendan got his first taste while working for New Hampshire Community Seafood before doing experiential marketing at Pierce Promotions in Portland, ME. Today, Brendan works with fishermen to secure high quality local seafood, including collaboratively finding ways to improve handling and logistics. When he’s not on a boat with a commercial fisherman, Brendan is still likely found on the water recreationally fishing.

Business Development

Sean has seen how a thriving seafood industry can support small port towns and how those towns are impacted when the industry moves away. As someone who grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and spent 20 years in seafood restaurants and retailers, he knows the importance of small boat fishing to communities and small business. Today, he is using that knowledge to bring the seafood industry back to small boat fishing. Connecting and teaching customers about the captains and boats that put themselves on the line daily to bring in exceptional, and often underappreciated, seafood. When he's not talking to customers in a market you can usually find him on a boat with his wife and kids.