Fighting the Effects of Coronavirus – A View from the Wharf

Fighting the Effects of Coronavirus – A View from the Wharf

Everyone is feeling the effects of coronavirus. We’re seeing many of our restaurant customers making the crushing decision to temporarily close their doors, while the ones that remain open struggle in the absence of diners. For us, this has had an impact on the demand for our fish, which goes either directly to chefs or to distributors that sell to chefs. 

From the wharf, we’ve talked with lobstermen who have already seen falling prices and are considering tying up rather than harvesting and not making enough to cover their costs. Their fear is palpable, as they wonder how long this will last and how they will pay their bills in the absence of income. We know they are not alone. So many people from many industries are losing their crucial paychecks. 

For our part, we’re committed to continuing to purchase from our boats, paying fair prices that cover their costs and helping to keep them afloat. For as long as possible, we will do our part to keep them fishing and support a source of quality, heart-healthy, local protein. Meanwhile, we have reduced our prices to our customers in hopes that it helps them in this tough time as well. 

Finally, as people are choosing to eat at home rather than dine out, we’ve decided to offer opportunities for direct-to-consumer purchases. We will be offering filleted and whole fish at scheduled drop points. Visit our website for more information and sign up for updates.

Thank you in advance for your support of everyone who is struggling right now.