Gratitude for Loaves and Fishes

Gratitude for Loaves and Fishes

We’ve been busy! Everyone’s busy. You ask an old friend or acquaintance, “How have you been?” and the response is most often “Busy! So busy!” Especially at this time of year, we’re all running around working, shopping, preparing, getting ready….

For many in the restaurant business, the holidays are a time of particular mayhem. Events, parties, special menus…all in the midst of their own holiday shopping and carving out time with family and friends. While the rest of us are sipping on eggnog and dining on seafood cakes, they’re preparing them…and doing the dishes. 

So, when we delivered product to one of our chefs yesterday, we were blown away when he presented us with a gift! Lovely bread from his kitchen wrapped in decorative cellophane given with gratitude for all that we do to bring him quality, local fish. 

This was a holiday moment that gave us the feels we all look for this time of year. In the midst of his busy schedule, he took the time to share a product of his kitchen and express his gratitude to us. 

And we feel that gratitude right back. We are so thankful for him and others who have supported our company as we launched this year and as we continue to learn and grow. And while fishermen are our heroes, our customers are too. It isn’t easy bringing a new product in and sticking with us while we work out the kinks. Our customers are passionate about supporting their communities and sourcing as local as possible….Something they do to give back all year round, not just at the holidays. 

So, as we get ready for the New Year, we just want to say THANK YOU right back.